Dolcie’s Biography

Dolcie KeoghAt the age of 10 Dolcie Keogh started playing the Violin after attending a session on Christmas Eve and being inspired by a local musician who captured the audience with his flamboyant tunes. She already had the background of the piano but found classical music full of too many rules; Traditional Irish Music seemed the best step for her to take.

She studied under the late Seamus Creagh a famous fiddle player in Ireland and became friends with many musicians and started running a few sessions in and around Co.Cork. She spent many an evening sat round the fire swapping jigs and reels with local musicians. At a young age she performed in the famous Baltimore fiddle fair performed in front of Liam Neeson, and was asked to record with various local artists.

At the age of 16 she decided to take the next step and joined a band with friends. Although slightly straying away from traditional music you could still see the flavour and energy of the Irish music glowing through. The band went on to enter many competitions in Ireland hailing the band one of Irelands finest new current artists. They also came in fourth in the Murphys live competition. The band continued to play in and around Ireland and supported many great acts such as The Walls, Fred, The Delorentos, Mundy and Peter Green the guitarist from Fleetwood Mac, and went on to record an EP called ‘’Are You Here For This’’ which received a great review in Hotpress magazine.

She has been a regular musician in the famous music venue De Barras in Clonakilty, the home of the late Noel Redding and collaborates with many of the local talent on a weekly basis and runs a lively session in An Teach Beag in Clonakilty.

After being a fan of Rubicon for a long time, She jumped at the chance when she was asked to join the band.  Her drive and lively playing is well received by the audience and rounds up the sound of Rubicon in a very exciting way.