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  1. Angela says:

    Hi Rubicon

    Francine very sweetly gave me your CD a few months ago in Bally de Hob (I was selling veggies with Bob and Francine was selling yummy baked goodies)!
    I bought the CD home with me – across the world to South Africa where it is now playing in the sound system around our house. Everyone who hears it loves it and it is almost impossible not to dance through the kitchen!

    Thank you and keep jamming
    Much love from SA

  2. Marcia says:

    Enjoyed your performance at minihanes last week!

  3. Dennis says:

    Thanks so much for another fantastic four days in Elkton. We are looking forward to seeing you again next month in Ireland
    Dennis (the other one)

  4. Darko says:

    Imvrsseipe brain power at work! Great answer!

  5. Leszek says:

    Thanks for a great evening yesterday in Coppeen, from a new fan of Polish

  6. James French says:

    Super music in Harbour Bar Leap last night

  7. David Leek says:

    Rubicon played at our wedding at Inishbeg Island 6th Sept ’14 and the atmosphere that was created by the brilliant playing was absolutely tremendous! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that made our day complete! Thank you so much Hansel, Francine, Anita and Dolcie. See you all very soon.

  8. Roger McCardell says:

    I was browsing your website after having a great memory of your performances in Elkton, MD (USA) back in March. Your music was incredible and it was great to meet all of you. I hope that you come back to the States again for more great entertainment. If not I just may have to visit Ireland and track you down. Best wishes for continued success!


  9. mike says:

    Hi folks – great music – how do I get in touch with you about a possible booking this summer?

  10. William A Kyle Jr. says:

    I would like to thank all of you for bringing some of the Irish good fortune to Elkton, Maryland. Ingrid and Dennis are a part of our family now and what a grand way to begin their business. As Dennis said, in the age of a Pub, theirs is only a baby. No better way to start out life than with great friends and exciting music from a group with so much energy. And we’ll have to get Dennis to have some sturdier tables for your closing songs when you come back. As your shedule shows on the date for Elkton – “can’t wait”, let me return that same quote as we welcome your future return at Minihane’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. “Can’t Wait” to see you again. Safe trip home and prayers for all of you. Thanks again… William

  11. Helena O'Driscoll says:

    Back from the O’Driscoll clan weekend and as usual one of the highlights of the weekend is you guys on the Saturday night. My son wants me to pay to have you brought over to England to play for my 50th! Think he may think im made of money. Great music and atmosphere! What a great band when will you get booked for Glastonbury????? Helena x

  12. Steph says:

    Really pleased I’ve finally found your website have been searching for it for a while! I was over in Baltimore on a diving trip a few years ago (June 2010???) and happened to see you live. I was soo impressed I bought a cd right there and then (live in p major) and have listened to it repeatedly since, looking forward to buying another one to add the the collection x

  13. Good day to you all, there in Ireland!

    It’s your “2nd tour guide” from Fredericton, checking in. It’s a wee bit chilly, here, these days; however am looking forward to warmer weather soon. … Am wondering if/when you will be returning to NB (Canada)?! Been listening to your last CD and encouraging others to do the same, here.

    Hope you’re having a good winter – looking forward to keeping in touch, better in 2013. Happy New Year to all of you!


  14. trudy MacAleese Leblanc says:

    hi rubicon we saw you in Moncton at plan B you were awesome. I just love you and everyone in the band. You make us feel like we are there in ireland. Please come back again soon.You had the place rockin.

  15. Krumple says:

    Hi again rubicon I’m your biggest fan I love you new cd wicked your soooooo cool especially dolcie

  16. Krumple says:

    Very good rubicon well done Dolcie and everyone else love your music especially Johnny jump up!
    Thankyou rubicon I’m a big fan

  17. Brent says:

    Saw you tonnight at the Old Triange in Halifax. Absolutely awesome!!
    You must go to Newfie!! We invented Irish music!! ;)
    Kidding of course, but you’d be loved there! :)

  18. Tammy Eva Coughlan says:

    Hi, all! Awesome, shows, at The NB. Highland Games, in Fredericton, New Brunswick./NB. Canada. on the weekend! Nice, meeting you all! Please, come back again, anytime!

  19. Glen says:

    Saw you at old triangle in Charlottetown this past Thursday. Excellent music and a fun evening. Hope you come back soon!

  20. macleodbrian says:

    Great show last night.
    A poem I wrote after a winter’s walk

    On wintry days
    Such as these
    Snow resting gently
    In the trees
    Your water flows
    So slowly by
    It speaks to me
    I know not why
    What does it say
    Hello my friend
    Will you be with me
    Till the end
    Or will you find another way
    To say goodnight
    To this sweet day
    No I say
    I will not part
    For you are ever in my heart
    My soul lies here
    With you my friend
    And I will be here
    Till the end

  21. Mark says:

    Just saw you at The Old Triangle in Charlottetown, PEI Canada.
    Fantastic performance!!! Great job and a lively show.
    I’m looking forward to listening to the CD.

  22. paul daly says:

    Saw you live at a party in ballydehob on the 4th June , brilliant you should be in the marquee , see you soon slan

  23. Nikolaus says:

    Hi there!
    Saw you in Baltimore end of June. Great stuff! If you plan to tour Germany come to Oldenburg please.
    Hope to see you again,

  24. Brian says:

    brillant band really enjoyed ye in baltmore and cape clear this year 2010.i catch ye again soon.:).

  25. Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe I just found you! It is GREAT to see you all together; familiar faces doing what they love! Michael and I are coming to Ireland this winter and if we come to Ballydehob we will look you up. I bet a lot has changed.

    I love the music!

    Michael and I have been on the island of Paros in Greece for 10 years now. Time to change..ha,ha. Looking forward to some “cooler” weather. Good Luck in your Gigs.


  26. William O'Regan says:

    Lads thanks for the great times of past…. The new CD is simply amazing!!! Have already mad a few more fans for you in Dublin!!! Will be trying to get ya a few gigs up here in the big smoke… All the best for the future… Will

  27. Yvonne says:

    Got your new cd few days ago, and its brill. Keep up the good work. When’s the next one out?!!!!!

  28. Gina says:

    Brilliant first album sent to me in Sweden by an Irish friend living at Church Cross. I now live in Liverpool. Do you ever do gigs in the UK? Gina

  29. Bruce says:

    Dear Rubicon: this is the old Clan Chieftain of the O’Driscolls checking in. Thank you for the great June nights of music and dancing. Liam, save me a dance this coming summer…well Francine and I will dance and you can send out the tunes.

    Warmest regards from Canada, where its damn cold right now.

    Bruce d.

  30. Roland Bänziger says:

    Very good mixture of traditonal and modern music-, and a very good singer! I’ m looking forward to meet you, Hänsel and Francine, soon in my house…

  31. ashley says:

    very cool music went 2 a live show cant wait 4 a cd :D

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